Just moving forward, growing, even if just a little.

We are all guilty, some more than others of dreaming, wishing or hoping for something or wanting to make something happen. We sit at home, at work wondering “what if, if only or what if I could” . For those with a “I’ll do it next week” or ” The diet starts tomorrow” view on things and whom are just unable to motivate yourself to stand up to the plate, stick your neck out and be counted please give the below a try for a month see how you get on.

Firstly write a list of to do’s, things you’d like to achieve (in size/achievable order) EVEN IF its climbing Everest, swimming the channel, we all need a end goal and after all this is just a journey were all on, isn’t it?

Keep going with this list, you may find it will be 50/100/150 to do’s long, and it has to be honest and open if your lying to yourself you’ve a bigger problem than self motivation… So, there you are in front of you are your dreams, ambitions & desires, read it, this is who is inside, the person that you’ve been holding back all this time. Now work your way down the list until you come across something you can do, I mean RIGHT NOW! And yes swallow that lump in your throat and get up and DO IT. This could be something as simple as making that smoothie before work, getting off the bus a stop early or even parking your car furthest away space from the entrance to the shops or work. Really don’t over dramatise this it can be tiniest of steps it’s just making those first few so each choice, each day is about listening to what you want and not taking the lazy option out, we all do it and its just hurting ourselves in the end. I’m sure you’ve read the quote “The hardest part of any journey taking that first step” Now you’re on that journey, given just a first step but your there! Once you’ve recovered or gathered your self re read this list pick out two things, one you can do before next weekend (during the week) and another that you can do at the weekend, weekend cycling or camping maybe what ever it is do it. And commit to it, tell friends, put it on a social networking site this will help you to force through and carry out those actions. We all have times in our lives we become cocooned inside ourselves, feel like something is holding us back but cannot quite put our fingers on what it is or why it’s happening.

No one is going to pick you up and drag you out of this state of mind you’ve got to take yourself kicking and screaming, it will hurt and feel uncomfortable you may cry it that moment you will feel worse than you’ve felt for a long time but keep with it and see these first few to do’s on the list through and you’ll soon find yourself starting to plan your life around your to do list which by now won’t be written down but will be one on impulse your mind set will change and without stopping to think if you can do it you’ll be more concerned about planning it and getting started, as I said before the most difficult and important part of any journey is making that first step or that leap of faith into the unknown.

There’s no point having dreams if we are not going act on them and put them in a draw labeled ” sometime”. Good luck with your journey and never let anyone stop you from reaching your goal least of all yourself, always be true to yourself you’re the only person you’ll always have to rely on.