Times they are a changing…..

“Grande Skinny cafe latte to take out please

I hear without thought the words escape my mouth, they bounce around my brain and settle somewhere within my soul.

What have I just said, is that me, maybe London’s taken my soul”

I take my drink to sit outside whilst I wait for a well known outdoor clothing chain to open based in Covent garden. Thinking things over as to how my life’s changed in the 3 1/2 years I’ve moved to London, don’t get me wrong I love it here, mostly love the amount of outdoor types there are and the sheer volume of opportunity to see talks take part in events….

But still I’ve lived in towns and villages all my life but am wondering what I’m missing from not having lived in the lakes or in mountainous parts of Scotland Snowdonia maybe. I know I’m coming to a time in my life where I will have that choice, one I’ve never even thought of before

where in the world do I want to live”

This made me question just how many people stop and seriously question themselves of this simple fact. Where do you want to live and where makes you happy?

I’ve committed to myself to never own a property in a place because that’s where I work or I grew up there. I’ll only ever buy a place somewhere that just makes me smile and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, that’s not about the property it’s the place its surroundings, And how that makes me feel.

It seems strange to me that humans chose to own a property in close proximity to the place of work, after all that’s not our life, works just a contract between yourself and the company or organisation, you give 40-50 hours a week to them in return they pay you a fee. That’s it, you’re not tied to them, there’s no emotion it’s not family or your best friends it’s a simple exchange, a deal. So why indeed do we become so obsessed with “work” going in early, leaving late and going without lunch all of which you receive no further payment for other than feeling stressed and tired so once your contractual week has finished all you want to do is “relax”.

Anyway I digress, the point of this is have you really ever asked yourself where makes you happy, and does than fit in with your life? Now many will instantly say “but there’s no work where I want to live” again brings be back to the suggestion that we are willing to make ourselves unhappy in return for the exchange of money which will only ever go some way to making us feel safe and secure and in many instances we become dependent on. So let’s strip that back:

I’ll get a job, but it’s somewhere that I don’t like being.

I’ll live close by

In return they’ll reward me financially

But it’ll never be quiet enough money

And won’t ever reward me fully, I’ll be sad, tired and feel trapped.

And live in hope that one day I’ll have enough money to buy back the time I’ve wasted trying to accumulate my own personal wealth…..

Maybe there’s a balance to be found where we work and live as cheaply as possible whilst we save our hard earned monies, so every 6-8 months we wave goodbye and shoot off for 4-5 months?

I just had a spare after hour to write down some Wednesday morning thoughts sat stuck on the tube, and personally I want to live a life I don’t ever want to “holiday” from. I’m slowly (kicking and screaming) trying to build something that will leave life a organic fluid gel between what I love and what I do to receive monies, why shouldn’t they be one in the same thing?

The thought of having a single “job” with fixed hours and days with a fixed income seems strange these days is relying on one companies wage a risky way of life? With the wealth of knowledge at our finger tips, the options for selling products, self publishing books, providing services and business start ups more rife than ever should we also be spreading the risk of earnings with “multiple income streams”? (One of my favourite topics, and sayings!)

Shouldn’t “work” be a more dynamic experience with 24 hours in a day and the world connected as it is should we really be happy with the now personally seeming old way of working where we all attend a place of work and are trapped for our 8-10 hours a day. How old is this concept, and how inspired does it leave you to think your working life can be flexible, not tied to a single organisation for your income. I wonder if we all started to ask for flexible and part time working to be able to explore other income options that one day it might become “normal” way of life where work/life isn’t a balance its intertwined.

I personally see future of how we work and conduct our daily duties changing, being more fluid. Next time you apply for that big or dream job ask yourself just how much would you earn if only working the three day week, how valuable are those extra two days and what could you achieve with them? Let’s start a revolution where companies are eager to retain us, not us being reliant and feeling dependent on them for our security, after all you are the only person you’ll ever have to rely on for your happiness…