Swifty scooters, best of British monopoly scootathon


I was dubious myself as looked down at the folded, perfectly formed and beautifully engineered hunk of shiny metal newness from Swifty Scooters that sat between us in the pub. “Awesome, no need for a lock then” I thought.

IMG_4783I got outside and watch as the demonstration literally unfolded before my eyes! Even I admit I make transformer noises in my head whilst I put this to its usable state, then I stepped on it, held on and pushed away……





My overly excitable childish nature quickly realised the use of this was limitless. For one I could take it on public transport (great for living in London) and a minor second I could take it everywhere so no need for the locking up and being stolen issue you get with bikes..

I looked for an adventure for a day around London and stumbled across another huge love MONOPOLY! (Excitement levels through the roof!)

An adventure, not only in our great capital but exploring its iconic place names too. And what a great way to test the full ability of this scooter, 16 miles with 29 regular stops along the way, through London’s busiest bustling streets and biggest land marks. Let the adventure googling start! I stumbled across a map with instructions of the place names and distances for reference.






I gathered a few friends together to make this a test of non motorised transport options, myself on the Swifty Scooter, Mirko on a hybrid bike and lastly and bravely Sacha on foot, yes running!!!



We started on a bright and fresh Saturday morning at Marble Arch, prime scoot territory for the Swifty. I shot off leaving the others in my trail of upper class awesomeness through Hyde park and down to Park Lane. BOX TICK, the gang caught up and I knew I was, well, too Swift for them on the Swifty….



On gravel paths, through London’s underpass from Hyde park onto Mayfair. Through the upper class high-end shops of the West End, Swifty drew heads and left me waiting for the others on their less forms of human-powered transport. We passed two best of British greats.



Burberry high-end clothing shop and Bentley. For me this little scooter fits in nicely between the high-end of Burberry and the true classic born and bred engineering that made Bentley what it’s become today. I already feel this scooter is a design classic.


Once on bustling Oxford Circus we made up four stops in quick succession, Regent St, Great Marlborough St, Vine St and then onto Piccadilly where we stopped to grab a break and let the others catch up! I’ve lived in London nearly four years and haven’t ever done the whole tourist or shopping thing so was a little overwhelmed at the footfall between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly. Nevertheless, good old Swifty glided between the groups of tourists who were intent on looking anywhere other than where they were going…. Even here, possibly the busiest road in London possibly the UK I could still effortlessly scoot at 6-7 MPH.

IMG_5307 IMG_5305


From here we pushed through to Pall Mall and again to tourist heaven again, this time Trafalgar Sq. PHEW, 10 stops in the bag, a hectic hour and only three miles in (slowed by photos and sight-seeing) next came Whitehall, where the guards kindly declined a go on the scooter, then along the challenging route up through Leicester Sq and even more tourists (for once I was enjoying the obstacles they seem to become…) once back on the strand and then fleet St I could open her up across Blackfriars Bridge and towards the Tate (electric company) with about six miles in we stopped for a very British cuppa.


We faced a problem now on South Bank, it a fine Saturday early afternoon and the paths are at saturation point. This only made my day even more exciting, for the others on bikes and even on foot they struggled to find a route. It was so busy that by London Bridge I decided to let the others head off across Tower Bridge towards Fenchurch St Station as I made the three-mile 20 minute return scoot down to Old Kent road roundabout I got down and back so quickly I caught the guys back up!


IMG_5323                  At Fenchurch St we had broken the back of our route with a fast and furious 9 miles in the tank. I knew though that I’d now got the toughest part of the trip to come, the up hill to Whitechapel and across to the second Station at Liverpool Street (felt good, we all love taking the stations don’t we!?)


I was starting to feel the scooting in my thighs by now, I’d been scooting for over 5 hours in and out of traffic, up and down curbs though without a doubt the busiest places London has to offer, Swifty lapped these up I couldn’t help but want to go faster as we flew up to Old Street to The Swifty scooter pop up stand at Old St, we were welcomed with drinks and a snack and a brief rest before heading off to Angel thirteen miles in I’d now scooted a half Marathon YES! I was beginning to realise everywhere was flipping busy in London, saying that on the long stretches I could keep up with the guys on the bikes, and I lost them on the busier streets around the stations and shopping areas..





The last stretch now, Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, Euston station and the final 2 mile straight road to Marylebone! What an eye opener, I never knew all these stations were just a few miles apart, it took us minutes getting through the last section.



We made it, 16 miles and 29 stops around London via the Monopoly board stops, well, what a blast.


The Swifty made this trip for me, London’s such an amazing place and so is having a form of transport that I don’t have to worry about locking up, or taking on public transport and that’s faster than walking and in many parts swifter than cycling.




I travel a lot around London on a daily basis and also cycle to work so have seen the ups and downs of all the commutes, for me the Swifty outperforms on every level, it’s safe as you’re not on the road, it’s small so you can keep it with you, you still have public transport options so doesn’t limit you.

And as I’m sure you have, you’ll have finished work and been in a horrid mood, 2-3 minutes on one of these and I cannot help but smile and carve up the pavement, if you’re looking for a fast commute but don’t want the changing of clothes or faff that can come with a bike, this is the thing for you. I totally predict these being the next big thing.



I mean 25 minutes from Waterloo to Bank, along Southbank across London Bridge, the fresh morning air sun rising over the city and the Thames looks all too welcoming.





Or you can wait for the tube get pushed into a corner, have your foot stood on and sniff that strangers arm pit without choice. Only to get to your desk even more disappointed with the location of the office.


If that’s being an adult I don’t ever want to grow up, and I’m a big believer that it’s not the destination it’s the journey, and around London for me there’s no better form of transport that the Swifty – it gives you everything you want and keeps all the options of the city that you need and expect.


Now what other cities can I turn to, to further test this little adult bundle of fun….