Over the weekend I attended the red bull wings for life charity race, I was utterly gutted to have been ill so couldn’t race but I was the other side of being chased down by David Coultard.  


We’d (myself & Jana my better half) been invited by Freestak, a grand old group of runners (who were all young might I add!!)  bloggers and media types bundled into the mini bus on Saturday afternoon and headed to Silverstone for a evening meal and (to my over excitement) the chance to sleep in a shipping container! 


Yes seriously, these are amazing I could have hidden away for a lazy writing weekend in these! I now want to live in a container and not a canal boat… 

(You didn’t expect a pro photo did you now? Come on people!) 


Anyway I digress, race morning came, the huddle of people from all walks of life which was amazing to see, a totally rounded field of runners, walkers wheel chair users both human and electric powered lined up and were invited along for the day.
Red Bull had pulled out all the stops, David Coultard driving the land rover chase car, the Atherton bike family were also chasing on bikes and to give support, we got to see and meet pro athletes from many walks of extreme sports from motor cross to skiing, even Mark Webber was around.

I couldn’t begin to calculate the cost of all this, as well as road closures, using Silverstone, the hundreds of staff helping never mind the free snacks red bull and other endless beverages.

  The painful and highly focused act of pinning race numbers…..  

Although this blog isn’t about how red bull have created through the wings for life, a new unique way of racing and pushing personal limits and I’m currently exploring runners mindset and am intrigued as to how this made the runners feel with no end in front but it slowly catching from behind.

What this is about is how humbling it is to see a huge company with open pockets giving so much to create a event that so many people from all walks of life felt empowered to join and be a part of. I’ve always questioned what does a company do when it’s earning so much money it just doesn’t matter anymore? Well, as a humanitarian I’d really like to think red bulls efforts not only in England but all over the world are sending a message to other huge organisations with deep pockets, leverage and ability to arrange events that small companies could only dream of..


  (Back in the paddock watching the race unfold with as many little legs (kids) as adults) 

It was so self empowering to know the race fee went to the charity we didn’t have to raise a minimum sponsorship amount before being able to run, and what a breath of fresh air no stress of reaching a total and begging for money all rolled in with training can be a tough lead up to the race itself.


I have to mention here that within our little team we had both male AND female winners of this years race utterly humbling and inspiring to be around such top athletes and a pretty dam cool bus full of people, I’ve met some awesome new friends!

I guess with this blog I’m focusing on the huge global companies that we as consumers give the rains to act responsibly with the profits, as consumers we have a choice which companies we believe in and choose to use. We can build them up as quickly as tare them down. And in this age of information we have a more informed options and opinions so I ask when you buy something does that company for which you are making the transaction with act with the integrity passion and use its powers and influence to positively change the world in which we live and it operates.

All the love and inspiration and motivation I felt during the wings for life event have reminded me I have this choice and I want to enforce it, I feel a new shopping experience coming on. I don’t mind paying for something it’s what the company is doing with the profits and how it carries itself that matters to me.

I hope this makes you think next time you grab a coffee, a new pair of runners or that jacket. Where did it come from, where will the profits go, and what does me wearing/using this item tell people about me as a person….

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