1000 mile #greatbritishadventure

Its been a while since I did my last british physical challenge, over a year in fact when I took on my HIKEBIKERUN back in April 2014.


The title doesn’t quiet giving it away, however my sponsor might. This next trip has been something on the cards for a while supported by Swifty Scooters on Sunday 2nd August, starting from Lands End I’ll be Scooting 1000 miles or so to John O’Groats. I’m aiming to complete the journey in around 22 days to make it back to London in time for bank holiday!

LEJOG has never been tried on this form of transport before and possibly for good reason. I’ll be following a few Sustrans routes, firstly out of Devon and secondly in Scotland, with a mix of shorter ones thrown in for good measure! My trip also ties in nicely with Sustrans celebrating 20 Years of the cycle network.

As an advocate for non motorised vehicles, the motorised versus non motorised debate is top of my passions. Accidents for human powered vehicles are a real threat and since the rise in Cycling after the 2012 Olympics (rightly so), more safety issues have been highlighted. This is why I’ll be raising money for Sustrans and hopefully awareness about today’s issues.

It’s a little sad that my one worry is getting run over when I’m not on cycle routes/quiet roads or pavements. I’ve now got a lump in my throat knowing I’ll have some issues along the way, so even if it means that I do 1300 miles I’ll be sticking to back roads/canal paths & pavements. However I’ll park my feelings and points of view firmly here for now and get on with the topic. SCOOTING!!

IMG_6412You’ll be thinking how the hell has he trained for it? Well dear friends, just to get a feel for exactly what is possible on these smile enriching, British machines, a few months ago I did a three day/49 hours scoot of Liverpool-Leeds Canal (Read More Here). Speaking of these machines, the team at swifty have come up with a slightly tweaked and custom ride for me, big thanks to the work shop.

After spending some time in the workshop I realized this really is their passion. What drives them is giving each customer something special and personal to them. My scooter which is nameless has raised handle bars, high pressure Schwalbe tyres and is a lovely shade of green too!


I’ll be using a spot tracker so you can follow my progress along the length of the country, plus see some of the stunning British countryside that I find along the way and scoot through. As I mentioned before I’ll be raising funds for Sustrans and my Target is £5000. So please help out and donate where possible, supporting this fantastic charity working to make roads safer and provide valuable information for non motorised road users.

Thanks for reading, I really hope this journey will make you smile and realise there are so many ways to get around our beautiful country. Also that trying something new, even if it’s never been done is achievable, the thought of it shouldn’t be discouraged!

Living a purposeful life can be as simple as riding a kick scooter until you runout of country to scoot on!

My Donation Page


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