How you can expect to feel after 10 days scooting expedition… 

Waking each morning, each backward kicking push propels me further into something I’ve never done before. This is the newness and ripeness of doing something you’ve not yet tried. 

Day one: 

You’ll be to excited by the down hill 30 plus MPH to care about not being able to scoot the other side, and your not really thinking about your kick stroke or how to be smooth. 

Day two: 

Your feet will sting a bit and with confidence you’ll start worrying about whether the scooter can cope with the near 40 MPH speeds you’ve been forced to endure. You’re feeling light and spritley the rucksack is meanest a passenger! 

Day Three: 

You notice ham hocks forming where your ham strings used to me, you wake up feeling like the day after a marathon and having done a million of those gym squatty things! 

Day Four: 

It feels like the paths are getting flatter but your noticing every little rut or bump in the road, getting started is tough, the bag feels heavier day after day. But still scooting makes you smile…. 

Day five: 

Tired but just flipping excited, you’ll be counting every mile, cursing every hill. Those smooth flat roads with the wind at your back is something you’ll be chasing! 

Day Six: 

Kinda a hung over and having ran a few marathons feeling setting in. Setting off tentatively is starting to feel like a good start to the day, the reality is very different. The end to the first week feeling a little like its a daft idea, but then the best ones always are…. 

Day Seven: 

If your lucky roads and wind are favourable for the usual scoot until destroyed. You start to realise you’ve got all day to scoot, stop trying so hard and relax! 

Day Eight: 

I’ll get there when I get there style is setting in, stopping for photos and taking in memories are in for the day! A cheeky beer slips into the daily routine.. OOPPSSS! 

Day Nine: 

Chilled vibes out the window again scooting with horns on seems to take over, but just leaves you empty hour after hour. The long rest seems to replenish energy levels for the next day… 

Day Ten!! 

You’ll be looking at the map scratching your head wondering how you’ve come so far on such a great piece of kit! Memories are flooding back but looking forward to the next ten days are all that can be focused on right now.. 

Knees, sore knees I guess really it’s going to happen, every kick is like doing a weighted piston squat! (So I’ve been told, I’ve no idea why anyone would want to squat holding a pistol, of any type of gun for that matter!) 
Ten days of seeing new places, learning something new and growing as a person along the road with only yourself for company and the animals to talk to.

 I will say it’s been lonely, I didn’t even think of it before. I’m faster than walkers and runners but slower than cyclists (or most) I’ve also been exploring quiet rural roads and cycle ways so three days with only talking to shop keepers! Sharing a scoot trip feels like it should be in a group or at least pairs. It feels like being a big kid again in some cool special gang! 

But then, I guess if we all did the same thing, followed the same path and traveled at the same speed we’d never learn or grow or find anything new…. 

“The dream is yours and given to you, it’s no one else’s, work on it, nuture it make it grow, explore it. You are the only person that’ll make your dreams happen”