Do not fear Winters here! Time to hone the skills

Winters on its way, leaves are falling off tree’s extra layers are on and the soup cook books are being eyed up and dusted off.

If like most people the camping gear is being put to one side, or the back of the cupboard don’t be so swift in your actions this time of year is a great time to learn new skills and build knowledge and experience for those big world wide expeditions…

From gear selection to functioning for 12 hours outside at night with nothing other than a head torch for natural light and even ways to set out and pack up a soaking tent whilst getting soaked yourself!

You can even set yourself up in a bear Grylls type situation and have a fire by a secluded lake and take that winter dip and get yourself warm again to snowy winter map reading skills along the south downs which should be relative comfortable for most.

Part of a club or amongst friends? If your first aid trained why not practice applying dressings and going first aid during the cold dark winter months lets face it the idea of only administering first aid in a perfect summer calm warm day aren’t much of a reality. The Idea’s are endless I mean even if it’s cycling at night in the comfort of Richmond park in preparation for a London-Paris challenge in 2016, its all knowledge, its all free and yours for the taking.

And seriously theres no better time of year to wake up all warm and snug in a sleeping bag un zip the tent and see that warming winter sun rise and enjoy a coffee & bacon butties

It’s said that if we’re not moving forward we’re standing still, so keep getting out learning something new and growing its always best to make mistakes in the relative comfort of the British winter rather than seriously put yourself in a dangerous situation on that round the world cycle..

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