People who inspired me in 2015.

People who have been inspirations in 2015.

The list could be endless, but this has to be personal. People or organisations that have stood alone in their pursuits regardless of whether it’s a path no one else follows….

1, Possibly no surprise here but Sean Conway.


Endlessly working hard at his dream , 2015 saw him continue to focus on his dream and doing all he can to chase it. Regardless of his adventurous achievements his attitude to dream chasing is one to take stock of. If you don’t know of Sean where have you been?! Follow here: @Conway_Sean 

2, Many of you won’t know of Stace Martin.


I met him on a microadventure (Wendover I think!) but he’s impressed me each and every time I’ve spent time with him. Making the slow steady focused approach to changing his life . 2015 saw him take up cycling to work and keeping it consistent and to add to that also swimming 2-3 times a week. Over the winter break he completed his longest cycle micro adventure (solo!) smashing in a solid 35 miles soon after he confirmed he’ll be cycling LEJOG in 2016. A guy to watch for inspiration, get involved here: @iamstacemartin

3, Swifty Scooters.


A family run business, the maker of the scooter that I rode from Lands end to John O’Groats. I love the passion and desire and they live up to one of my favourite sayings “Nothing can resist a will that will stake its existence for its fulfilment” They Moved from London to Manchester to start the business and raise a family a few years on and things are going from strength to strength. Again a true commitment to dream following, British design & innovation and legacy building…  @swiftyscooters

4, Simon & Julie Freeman.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 09.33.26

I first met this duo in 2014 at Berghaus trail running event, running freestak a endurance brand marketing agency. Since then they’ve gone on to build their team and started “like the wind” magazine a high end running magazine with a unique stance. They’ve been inspiring on both the personal and business front. If 2015 is anything to go by, 2016 will another huge year for them..  Find out more here: @likethewindmag

5, Peta Mc Sharry.


This one, man. I remember meeting her on a hill late in 2014 and thought “ she’s a interesting one” an absolute cycling and light weight nut. If there’s a long distance self-supported cycle race then Peter’s done it. 2015 saw her break her wrist complete some French 1200km nonstop cycle race and at long last start to write her book. Possibly one of women’s most knowledgeable cyclists, period. Check her out on twitter @petaMcSharry


6, Dassi Bikes.


I first came across Dassi in 2014 when I used one of their high end Carbon road bikes to my Hikebikerun Challenge. They way the work and the love for bikes took me back to being with my mates on our bikes. Innovation, engineering and passion for British will see 2016 be a key year for them and a game changer in the world of carbon bike building…


I could have put 100’s of people and a few companies that have inspired me, but personally these are the few who I doth my cap too..

Who are your inspirations from 2015? and why?


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