This is my bag

This is my bag.

He’s got my back, carries what I need and has been by my side for over 400 days and thousands of miles..


He’s been in a film, joined me on multi day runs. He came sight seeing from lands end to John O’Groats, he’s been abused hung off tree’s got soaked in storms and left in mud.

He’s been on holiday and through airport scanners (he hates the dark tunnels) he got sea sick on ferry trips, took a over night train with me.

He’s my pillow on hill tops and is the place I stash things I know I’ll loose. He’s helped me move house, three times.
I take him to work, he always looks after my lunch and helps me remember what I’ve packed.

He’s my bag, he never lets me down never smiles never frowns, he doesn’t complain when the loads too much and isn’t scared when we sleep in a bush.
He’s always enough for me what ever I need whether traveling heavy or setting up for speed. Maybe he’s more than just a bag, he’s my memories my passions my achievements.

He’s more so much more than I ever thought he could be, he’s my pal my partner in crime who has my back and brings everything I need.

A best friend who doesn’t me down with him I never stop exploring.

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