Hints for getting you into skiing.

I’m currently sat join a ski chalet in Tinges, the french alps. Its been 20 years since I last skied but I love the mountains and I’m a real winter & snow baby so I was up for the challenge of throwing on the gear and getting out…


Of course I took an hour lesson prior to turning up to get the feel for the ski’s, I’m not totally crazy! We took some time on day one to get up in to the mountains just on foot to get familiar with the lift systems, maps and to really get a feel for the mountains again.. QUE, daft adventure type photo..



So where do I start, I guess it has to be with starting, with anything at any level make sure you do! You’ll never get out skiing unless you try. Start with the lessons at the local slope do the whole lot it will seriously improve your ski holiday when you do go!


Forget the snow plough as soon as possible, I’m only now on day three but, wow it totally messes your skiing and ability to progress, also, it ruins your legs I mean distress them! Trust the edges man, they will hold, thats what they’re for!!


Bottom & Knee’s into the hill, simple keep those turns coming. As I’ve learnt via Jana and practice I’d also say with making a turn keep your ankles together on the turn, thats made the most sense for me anyway, and as the Northerner in our shallot says, “speed is your friend”


You will get used to the altitude, make sure you drink heaps of water and try no to have too many beers on the slopes either, yes a beer can loosen you up, but we all know loose lips skink ships…


Get out with friends they will help you along the way and push your boundaries, make you a better skier!


Gear, yes gear, don’t skimp on the gear, it can make and break your holiday. Staying warm and dry in the hills is so so important!


To be taken as a generalisation, but, don’t be afraid to fail. On reflection I need to push much harder in most things I always play it too safe. Ive been told the worst thing that will happen is I’ll fall on my bum! Go hard and worry afterwards!

And for a final note, I love at how the little kids get throw into skiing out here and smash down these slopes. It makes me feel we wrap our kids up in cotton wool way too much in the UK.

Oh and on hill, it’s cool to be brighter than the next man, FACT…


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