Deliveroo are the answer to your sponsorship!

So, you’re going on that adventure, that challenge but looking at social media at those big amazing sponsored adventurer athletes or extreme sports people your thinking “I need me some sponsor action, free kit, a bit of this, some of that”

Now I’ve been asked heaps about how to approach, ask and gain sponsors. And my reply will almost likely be

go get a second job to pay for the stuff you need, you’ll spend days and weeks trying to get something, plough that time into something you’ll get a real return on”

What’s made me write this post/article? Pressure of returning what you tell sponsors you’re going to do in return for what you’ll give them in return.. In return? Yes in return, this is an exchange of items for your time, effort and production of content. Now for me I get het up with the thought of not giving back what I’ve said I’ll deliver, it really knocks me, but maybe you’re different.

I still have a wee niggle of that non delivery, being given something which made my trip a success straight hands down, without it I’d have not gone on the trip or finished it…

And don’t be scared to walkway from something if you feel you’re being asked for too much in return! I’ve walked away from working with a company on a project simply because what I was being offered just wasn’t worth it. For what I’d have been given for what I gave in return wasn’t worth the hassle, time or effort. So I kindly said exactly that and parted ways….

Saving money on adventures:

It’s often a killer for any trip, not being able to afford the kit for the trip you want to do. I’m a Ebay devotee, in fact I’ve still got and use weekly second/third hand clothes, tents and a few bikes too in my day, seriously ten years without a new bike at one point! (Feel the pain, it’s deep real deep!)

Also ask friends, check second hand shops and tip’s (refuse centre if your posh) they now days have shops with the odd cheeky bargin in too! And don’t forget, if you’re going abroad clothes and stuff can be cheaper, pack light and buy as and when you need, you’ll find you can get away without having bits in the first place!

Kit reviews:

A interesting idea, I’ve done a couple and its ok until you get stuff that’s just rubbish but you’ve got to write about it then rely on it during the trip! Again time & effort could be spent better somewhere else, its not a great feeling having a full time job, planning a big adventure and having gear review/blog deadlines AND having to train to the trip too!

Borrowing kit:

A sure fire way to ensure you can try and do something you might not always do or use on a regular basis, just be careful of not becoming “that person” that is always “Can I borrow” and don’t forget this is someone else’s gear, your use will wear it out eventually so give them a little something in return


Ok, ok so I’m still going down the route of gear sponsors for a trip:

So, I’ve still not persuaded you away from hustling and trying to get free gear or some sweet deal? Seriously? Ok, so have you looked at just who you’ll be pitching too, no? Take a look at the company what media are they putting out, what’s the feel of the store, their branding and does what you’re doing fit with all of this….

Why the hell should or would they be interested, why you, what’s the special thing or USP that’ll make it happen!

I had an epiphany the other day about this post, if you want to train, get fit and earn money so to not have to deal with sponsor demands, wasted time and such like then get a part time job with Deliveroo! Seriously, you’ll be fitter (on a bike), earning money and you can even film some of it for editing skills training!


So, to round it up, if you want to get sponsored, to wear a brand and be associated have demands that take 15 hours to do for that £100 product (aid to work out hourly rate) have to stop and post, share and make sure you take photos mid challenge or journey, THEN:


Get a job at Deliveroo to get you fit riding a bike and earning money to buy what you need and not worry about the perfect spot for a picture or getting reception to post/like/share/retweet/blog/follow/engage anything. Or if you cannot afford it just don’t take it, obviously unless it’s a key piece of equipment, I mean I’d love to row around Britain but without the boat bit I might not manage it!!

This post didn’t really turn out how I’d planned, but it’s written it’s a weird conclusion but, if you make it this far question this, (take a deep breath and sit down) Deliveroo are a global business, could you cycle around the world as a Deliveroo bike person earning money as you go.

BOOM, I’ll leave this here..

One thought on “Deliveroo are the answer to your sponsorship!

  1. Could’ve been me that wrote this. I’m actually cycle racing in Australia at the end of the year and, having been out of action for much of last year, I needed to get fit. I also needed to get some money for the trip – Deliveroo is what I thought of and so far it’s going well. Deliveroo do actually do sponsorship themselves so maybe further down the line, I might check that out too.

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