Coast 2 Coast Adventure

Here we go, time to lace up & go for a run and on an adventure..

Tomorrow (Sat 30th) I’ll be down at Lands End setting off to travel the widest part of the UK on foot. My destination is thankfully the flat and hopefully sunny Lowestoft which is the most Easterly point in the UK. Its around 450 miles or so, I hope to reduce this through bravery and cleverness…


In good form, I am sat here bedding my new runners in that I brought last night, nothing like winging it is their! I shall be carrying my equipment, tent and such like in one of those fanged rucksack thingys conveniently designed so I have my hands free to consume all of the things and local delicatessen along the way.

Back to my carrying of things, yes, it’ll have all I need for 16 days on the road/mud/paths I’ve pre packed and its around 4kg at the moment so looking pretty good on that front!


Route finding, erm, yes, I shall be heading in a direction that’s the planning, I will have a look on the map at 6-8 towns along the way and make a note of them then run from one to another, pretty simple, what could possibly go wrong?! No real pre planning, diving in and letting the trip unfold, this might be difficult given the 30 miles a day travel target.. GULP.


Well, I’ve done Hikebikerun, I’ve space hopped and scooted over the last few years and I have always had this long run itch I’ve watched to scratch so this is it.. It’s time.

There is always a substantial and weighty reason for wanting to do something like this, and for me it’s Youth Adventure Trust the work they are doing is life changing for the young adults they help and personally an adventurous attitude to life breads passion, desire and happiness, so If you would like to help with a donation please feel free here:

Fund Raise

What I’d really like to achieve though is not to receive something as common as money, but your time, alone I can only raise so much, but, if you chose to raise money for youth Adventure trust yourself, and spread the love, share the message and make a commitment to raise awareness and a little cash for this wonderful organisation.

Thanks for reading, I hope you get involved and follow the adventure on my social media networks.



If questioner 

Everyday I’m a “if questioner” I tear apart people’s process, I ask people to justify there answers as if in a court room. 

One of my favourite quotes, by Mike Skinner 

I want notice every notice that went without notice” 

I work on sight, smell, feeling, vibe, touch, thought, evidence, regulation and legislation, relationships and questions. 

I helped save a life today and change perceptions of life too, I feel lucky, I love my job…..