Failure, and its positives. 

Flicking back through the notes on my phone, I found the below. Written from a train whilst digesting taking an adult desition to stop and not destroy my body.

Un edited, raw as I typed it. No gimmicks we all have low points, but how and where we view them decides what we learn.

It’s only Failure if you choose to see it that way.

A week ago I set off from lands end in search of covering the widest part of the U.K. On foot, all the way to Lowestoft, some 400 plus miles.
I’m now sat on a train picked up from the edge of Wiltshire, not accepting defeat but putting together a list of positives to take from the trip so far.

  • I have now found a way to keep my feet injury free, I say injury I mean be adult enough to manage issues as I feel them and keep them in good condition to crack on each day, and fix them!
  • My postiria chain is balanced and functioning the best it ever has, everything has done its job.
  • As a result of the above I suffered no back pain at all, which is a mind blowing result!
  • My light packing was on point, I don’t need trousers or cumbersome waterproofs.
  • I could have dropped the down jacket though.
  • I have a trusted system with my gear & packing and I shouldn’t deviate from that!
  • I got my fuelling bang on too, food is ever so important!!

England continues to be the most stunning country, I am so proud to call it my home.

Feed back is so so important in life, we should learn to give it and how to digest what we are given… This is for all walk of life, self development comes from learning about yourself….


Life lessons from my so far 37 years..

As we get older and a little wiser or I hope we do, plenty becomes clear we see things differently and well I guess we slowly build on life experience.

So I thought after turning 37 it might be fitting to throw a few tips to live your life by, crazy this because I feel my life been a bit of a shit storm, but then things don’t have to go well for us to learn from them. Here goes!



  • You’ll always want what you haven’t got, desire as it happens is a human emotion.
  • Don’t concern yourself with other peoples nonsense, you’ve your own path, crack on with forging it.
  • Wake up smiling everyday. From experience this can get you through the toughest and darkest times..
  • Randomly check on another human, you’ll see the odd person at work, through your circle of friends and you’ll get that feeling they’re going through shit. Offering a coffee and lending an ear isn’t much to do, but could change someones life.
  • Choose the difficult path early on, building resilience, substance and character, these are powerful tools.
  • Rip off that plaster, metaphorically. You know its going to hurt or be tough, doesn’t mean you cannot do it, just mens you need to start.
  • YOU WILL, have the darkest of times, IT WILL HURT. This hurt is growth, stand tall breath it in, it will pass.
  • Write a diary, we all have a story to tell and that weird event you write down might one day make a talk or be a chapter in a book. I so regret not having a diary….
  • Chasing money will not get you closer to a dream, doing what excites you does.
  • Reducing your financial outgoings makes it easier to make that tough life change, the less you need to earn the easier it is to take a risk..
  • Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience.
  • Always dedicate a portion of your earnings to self development in what interests you, one day you’ll have a wealth of skills to call on that have nothing in common with the work you’ve done, this moment is magical..
  • You’re work is not you! Always have a project our two to work on outside your 9-5.

Friends, family, health & happiness are the most important thing, your wife, daughter or mother will never thank you on your death bed for the late night you worked or the times you just needed to get something done on the weekend.

Time is not a clock, but an hourglass that we cannot turn over or control, give that something a date or a deadline and work backwards..

Last, my favourite quote, I’ll get the guts to have it tattoo’d one day.

“Nothing can resist a will that will stake its existence for its fulfilment”

I hope you find some of these useful, I really appreciate you checking me out.