Tough Ten Ambassador

I’ve teamed up with a handful of other runners to become an ambassadors for the Cancer Research #Tough10 race series. Slowly stepping away from the comfort of the usual road races and challenges, these off-road races will be undulating, muddy and generally mayhem. It’s certainly a step-up from the typical charity event, so yes I am so so excited to be getting out there to these events, talking to people, promoting the race series and hopefully inspiring people along the way!

Sadly cancer affects so many people, for me not first hand but indirectly more than once. My dad’s childhood best friend suffered not once, or twice but three times with cancer, and as a teenager I was old enough to see and feel what was happening but didn’t know exactly what our families were going through. As an adult of 33 to see my aunty of 55 years young be taken from us after a short and savage battle was tough for everyone, the silence, the tears, the uncertainty, that calm anguish that sweeps over us and seems relentless.

So, as part of this race series I’ll be interviewing people in the build up, during the runs and after to get a feel for why they running and the personal stories that have brought them here. I’d love to hear from you whatever your reason, drop me a message in the below, lets chat and on the day tell me more.

The races run from the end of September to end of November 2016 and cover various locations in the UK. As I’m down south in London I’ll be running four of the available races, hopefully putting a little twist on them by wild camping the night before to really get a feel for the area. I’d love for you to join me for any or all of the below races I’m taking part in!

  • Epping Forest 23rd Oct – Sign up
  • Sherwood Pines 6th Nov – Sign up
  • Chilterns 12th Nov – Sign up
  • Box Hill Surrey 19th Nov – Sign up

Note: You’ll be signing up to race, not join me to sleep in a cold bush on the side of a hill! for that drop me a message in the below…

This savage disease touches us all, and to be part of this amazing team helping promote, support and inspire others to raise awareness I’m touched ,thankful and humbled, so a thank you to Cancer Research – let’s make these runs something special for all those recovering, remembering and raising funds. This is a fight we all have to be a part of…

See you soon, Russ.