I recently got back to my roots, of mountain biking and being in the mountains, Snowdonia to be precise. The two places my soul feels at rest is on a bike and in the mountains, I seem to find peace, stillness and to me reminds me that the outdoors is the real world… 

I always get this feeling, each time stronger once back from the hills, I call it mountain sadness. The mountains remind me to stand tall, be robust, trust in myself and go carful, the small processes we do right out here keeps us alive and others out of danger. This led me to thinking I should note down a few points to help you build those skills to get to places like this: 

  • Being forced into learning new skills is what causes accidents. Practise your craft, be efficient at tasks before going to new, wild or exposed places… 
  • Pack once, check twice. There’s no nipping to the shops or grabbing that extra jumper in the wilds. 
  • Trust your gear, you can waste money on cheap equipment, and on expensive equipment too! Read reviews, ask others and where possible try gear out. This stuff can save your life and turn that freezing night into a toasty wild. Igbo out to remember. 
  • Know who your going with, understand their fears, limits and abilities. Individuals in a group without knowing are making team decisions and putting others at risk. 
  • Share your plans, with friends, parents and even leave a note on your car dash. It’s not fair on others to search, worry or wonder! Sharing is caring! 
  • And lastly, always carry that spare jacket, hat, gloves and socks! 

Of course his list is non exhaustive and different things matter to different people, but, don’t be concerned with building skills in camp sites, local woodland or even start with your back garden! It’s getting outside that’s inportant, adventure is about trying something new, learning and growing as a person because of it! 

Stay safe in the mountains, the most important thing you can carry outside is knowledge, make sure you’ve done some learning before you go! 

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