Kilimanjaro Book


5 years ago, I helped a bumbling Welsh man (Adrian) with his bag on the first day of the Kilimanjaro climb . With Adrian having no previous mountain experience and me, well, a little more knowledgable we came up with the concept that we’d write about the same, but totally separate experiences on the mountain. The whole trip from start to finish, we’ll be turning each of our experiences each day into a chapter to give the reader a true story and guide to what you’ll go through.

So lets meet us both.


Adrian Sturrock



Adrian Sturrock is a Business teacher, writer, occasional musician and ethnic minority (except when in Wales), specialising mostly in observation and unconsidered opinion. He currently lives in Buckinghamshire with wife Natalie, his travel companion, best friend and the person responsible for keeping him out of trouble on social media. They have 3 children between them. Oh, and he once had a horse fall on him. His first full-length book ‘Yet Untitled’ will be published in 2017.










Russell Smith is a risk consultant and general outdoorist/adventurer. I live in south west London with partner Jana.My general focus is on doing all of the things, all of the time, motivating others to get outside and follow suit too! Err, oh and I once rode a horse at 17,500 ft..