Swim with Nessie – Adventure

I’ve been building up to writing this, it’s Oct 2nd 2016. In August I got away to spend a few weeks in warmer waters, build confidence and get my head around the decision to do this. September, I got a swim coach, on 11th September at the age of 37 I took my first lesson, three weeks on and 5 lessons session in the button is pushed and for the next year my focus is taking myself as a non swimmer to endurance swimmer and at end of September 2017 swimming Loch Ness, yes Loch Ness.

Before you ask here’s the numbers:

  • 24 miles long
  • 280 metres deep (almost as deep as the shard, is tall)
  • As an average temperature of 7-9 dergre’s
  • Reportedly has one monster lurking in its depths.

It’s not going to be my normal run in to an adventure, I seriously have to learn, train and re build, re focus. I’ve an amazing team behind me helping along the way, see I have a few “issues” with my body which to be blunt swimming utterly brings out the worst in them, and just in this few weeks of setting routine has caused more than discomfit thats for sure…

So, swimming. Yes I just never learnt, I love being in the water as long as I can touch and see the bottom, the darkness and not knowing of whats beneath just chokes me up, and with not being able to swim or tread water, well that doesn’t help much does it! But this is no excuse, I’m getting calm and relaxed in the water already, and despite the pain I am so so very much enjoying the frustration of learning something new.

The picking apart the process of swimming focusing on one tiny piece at a time then putting it together, and it still not working! It’s frustrating, but not doing it and moaning isn’t going to get me swimming is it!

I feel like I should answer why I’m doing this and putting myself through it, well, because it’s something I cannot do and to share my journey I hope to inspire others to try picking something and trying new hobbies or focusing on that fear that holds us back. I’ll be filming and documenting my progress too, so stay tuned!

I know this is short, but I needed to share it, I needed it off my chest. And as my favourite quote goes

“Nothing can resist a will that will stake its existence for its fulfilment”

If you are willing to put everything you have into something, it has to work, it will come off. So here goes non swimmer to endurance swimmer in one year. Here I go.